shopping carts to buy powder coating powder

Buy powder coating powder in Taiwan

Professional guidance on how to buy powder coating powder for industrial use Powder coating is not just the coating used to hot-up vehicles. It is a highly protective coating method that is used to protect substrates from corrosion, chemicals,…
fire resistant paint for steel postponing the burning

Fire resistant paint for steel Taiwan

The importance of considering fire resistant paint for steel structures Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough and strong construction material, used in buildings across Taiwan. However,…
fireproof paint applied to a test kitchen

Fireproof paint Taiwan

Fireproof paint protects your property an people Fireproof paint, or other fireproof construction and lining materials, have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, public buildings, parking garages and governmental…
a freight ship with hi performance marine coating

Marine Coating Taiwan

Protect your vessel with the right marine coating The term “marine coating” covers a class of coatings all intended for use in the marine segment. These coatings include antifouling paints, deck paints, anti slip paints, bilge paint, boot-topping…
aerospace coatings protecting an aircraft

Aerospace coatings Taiwan

Aerospace coatings - Optimal performance in the most demanding environments The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding sectors for coatings and materials. Aerospace coatings need to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, weather,…
chemical cans with special packaging coatings

Packaging Coatings Taiwan

Packaging coatings for protecting the interior & exterior of containers, lids & more The packaging that protects and stores our food, beverages, perishables, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, chemical products, etc. does not do so alone.…
transparent wood coating on a floor

Wood Coating Taiwan

Protecting and beautifying wooden surfaces with wood coating Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture and cabinetry…
ceramic heat resistant coating applied on an engine

Heat resistant coating Taiwan

A step-by-step guide to making the right choice of heat resistant coating When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakage and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys and…
chemical resistant coating on table with chemicals

Chemical resistant coating Taiwan

Chemical resistant coating is the solution for protecting from harsh substances Nearly all coatings will be exposed to chemicals at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does…
anti rust coating failing and chipping

Anti rust coating Taiwan

Combat corrosion with anti rust coating Anti rust coating, or an anti corrosion paint, acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, increasing its durability and lifespan. The estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is billions…
blue powder coating cost

Powder Coating Companies and Cost Taiwan

All you need to know about powder coating prices So you are curious for powder coating prices. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, you have come to the…
non slip coating treated concrete stairs

Non slip coating Taiwan

Reducing slips and trips with non slip coating Slips and trips are a serious problem, both at home and in the workplace. In Taiwan, slips and trips account for a great number of all workplace injuries, and most accidents involve slips. If you…
glasses treated with anti glare spray

Anti reflective & anti glare spray Taiwan

Anti reflective and anti glare spray coatings eliminate reflections Glass is everywhere in our daily lives. From the displays and touchscreens we use to the windows that protect us from the elements in our homes and vehicles, we look at or…
Coating types taiwan

Coating types in Taiwan

Learn the meaning of coating before the coating types The word coating means literally a thin layer or, when used as a verb, the application process of covering surfaces (usually referred to as substrates). Coating is used for changing the…
Conformal coating on PCB

Conformal coating

A Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating or polymer film. It is often used to protect the components of a printed circuit board. When applied the film conforms to the to the circuit board topology, hence the name conformal coating. The…
Oleophobic coating on smartphone

Anti smudge coating

Oleophobic coating (anti smudge coating) explained Looking for a easy to clean anti smudge, anti fingerprint and protective coating? Then you are probably looking for a Oleophobic coating. It can be applied to smart phones, tablet's, pc's,…
Coating manufacturers Taipei overview

Coating manufacturers Taipei

Coating manufacturers Taipei; a complete overview The coating industry in Taiwan is a rapid-growing market and so are the growing rates of coating manufacturers Taipei. The island enjoys strong growth sustained by the dynamism of the entire…