Coating manufacturers Taipei overview

Coating manufacturers Taipei; a complete overview

The coating industry in Taiwan is a rapid-growing market and so are the growing rates of coating manufacturers Taipei. The island enjoys strong growth sustained by the dynamism of the entire region, a population with high purchasing power, and an economy focused on technology. There is especially a great demand for value added services like PVD coating arises from the strong electronics industry, automotive industry, medical sector, and machine components. Seed coating and Nano coatings are also gaining more and more popularity. Furthermore, the Taiwanese modern infrastructure and excellent innovation capabilities make it an attractive destination for coating manufacturers.

The following coating manufacturers in Taipei are well known:

Akzo Nobel Chang Cheng Ltd

Coating manufacturers in the city of Taipei

Taipei has a fast growing Coating market

Multiple Industrial grade coatings
No. 21 Kon 6th Road
Taipei 244 Lin Kou, Taiwan

PVD Coating
Taiwan Sheng 100 Co.
New North City, five shares office workers all the way 112
(New North Industrial Park)Taipei 248-87 Taiwan

Air Runner Custom Paint
24342,  Alley 3, Lane 120, Zhonggang W Rd, 10
Taiwan, New Taipei City, Taishan District

Cathay Coating
Industrial coating specialist
No.24 Lane 195 Yung Fung Rd
Tucheng Dist, New Taipei City

Choose Nanotech
Nano Coating
No.3,Zhongshan Rd.
Beitou Dist.,Taipei City 11246, Taiwan

Double Bond Chemicals
Polymer based chemical manufacturor
Address / 4F., No.959, Zhongzheng Rd
Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan

JPT Corporation
Professional Resin and Overprint Varnish Manufacturer
5F-1, no.2014, sec1, Heping E. rd, Taipei City 106

MAN PrimeServ Taiwan
Marine Coating
8F-1 No. 15 Sec. 2 Tiding Blvd.
Nei-Hu District Taipei 11493

Nippon Paint (H.K.) Co. Ltd
Interior & exterior Paint
Taiwan Branch 10F., No. 43, Fusing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23150, Taiwan

Nippon Paint Marine Co. Ltd
Marine Coating
3F, 277, Sung Chiang Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan

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