Oleophobic coating on smartphone

Oleophobic coating (anti smudge coating) explained

Looking for a easy to clean anti smudge, anti fingerprint and protective coating? Then you are probably looking for a Oleophobic coating. It can be applied to smart phones, tablet’s, pc’s, touch screens, glasses and many other material surfaces.

Oleophobic is a word used to describe a special coating, which lacks an affinity to grease, dirt, fingerprints and oil. The term Oleophobic came from the latin word oleous. This means oil. Phobos means fear.

Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils” and it refers to materials with zero affinity to oil.

This convenient coating does not allow oil to adhere to the glass. This is why a simple wipe with a soft cloth will often leave the screen looking brand new, without the use of any extra cleaning solutions.The oil repelling properties give endless uses for the coating. Like:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-wetting
  • Anti-icing

Different application purposes for oleophobic coating

The largest volumes of oleophobic coatings are applied in industrial environments during the production of (consumer) goods. These industrial applications include for example screen protection, kitchen worktops, lenses and displays and even textiles.

Oleophobic coating or anti smudge coating  has a slightly slippery feel to it. This also helps the glass be more scratch resistant, as reduced friction will cause dangerous materials to slide off the surface, rather than damaging it. Most of the oleophobic component used on mobile devices are fluoropolymer-based  which not only deters oil, but also water as well.

Even though most touchscreen devices receive an oleophobic layer during the manufacture, a new layer may sometimes come in handy. The coating can namely, wear off with time or as a cause of incompatible cleaning chemicals.

It should last about two years, depending on the usage, material used, adhesive qualities of the screen and even the acidity of the user’s sweat. We also advise not to clean the oleophobic film with alcohol based detergents or household cleaners. A soft damp cloth will suffice.

Oleophobic coating on smartphone screen

Here’s how Oleophobic coating looks like on a smartphone screen

8 important benefits of this anti smudge solution

  1. Glass transparency is not affected
  2. No haziness or visual effects
  3. Fingerprint removal is easier than with other treatments
  4. The chemical process occurs at the glass surface
  5. No need for camouflaging by making the glass hazy
  6. Process is scalable to production with conventional equipment
  7. No need for a vacuum chamber or clean room facility
  8. It’s cost effective

Where to buy oleophobic coating spray or at home kits

Oleophobic coating spray is the most common consumer product; it is applicable in for example kitchens and bathrooms making the surfaces easy to clean. The coating is additionally, available as an oleophobic coating kit, which contains all you need for renewing the coating. Not only does the kit include the oleophobic coating spray but also the equipment you will need for the application. Note that the oleophobic sprays are sometimes marketed as nano  sprays for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are looking for a complete oleophobic coating kit or spray, your best chances are online. Anti smudge protective screens for smart phones and tablets can be bought at any phone store in Taipei and in the rest of Taiwan.

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